Jhpiego is working to prevent the needless deaths of women, girls and their families by making health services in Kenya the very best they can be. We have formed great partnerships with the government’s Ministry of Health, doctors, community health workers and health systems managers. Together, we implement many lifesaving projects that are saving thousands of lives.

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Working with Fathers in Kenya to Ensure Mothers and Babies Survive

Despite repeated complications, 33-year-old farmer Josephine Mayeku was a firm believer in home birth. Married at 16, she delivered five of her six babies at home with a traditional birth attendant.

Melinda Gates Participates in Roundtable with The Challenge Initiative’s Kenya Team

Nairobi- Kenya Melinda Gates participated in a high-level roundtable Jan. 25, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya, to hear firsthand about the Kenya activities of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s largest and most innovative family planning investment – The Challenge Initiative.

A Journey of Faith; A teenage pregnancy, lifelong bondage then a glimmer of hope

Mathare-Nairobi, Faith’s pregnancy at 16 years changed the course of her life. Abandoned by her lover, and with no money or place to sleep she sought refuge in the ruthless streets of mathare informal settlements.

Jhpiego | Kenya

Jhpiego | Kenya