About Innovations

Our Model

We believe that solving the most challenging global health problems must be through perseverance and strong partnerships. Recognizing that the pathways to scale for innovative solutions and technology are neither simple nor obvious, the Jhpiego Innovations Program is based on the principles of integrated innovation, and therefore we focus on the following to accelerate the most promising life-saving innovations:

  • Leveraging Jhpiego’s global expertise in programmatic scale-up to inform the earliest design and development processes
  • Selectively developing new products through frugal engineering, iterative design, and rigorous evaluation
  • Collaborating with other technology developers through our public health, evaluation, implementation, and advocacy assets to accelerate the introduction of the most promising emerging solutions
  • Developing market intelligence to optimize economic and programmatic sustainability of new solutions
  • Identifying program platforms and implementation strategies for new and existing technologies
  • Convening multi-disciplinary expertise throughout the technology development cycle


Marketplace of Innovations

To address both emerging and intractable global health problems and save lives, Jhpiego’s Innovations Program and its partners are developing scalable technology and program innovations that have the potential to vastly improve the health of women and children.